Carter’s Room: Dresser Makeover

dresser2We used to make fun of this dresser 8 years ago after arriving for my first day of college in Rexburg, Idaho. Walking through DI, my dad found this beauty for I’m sure somewhere in the $10 range. If you know my dad, you know he could never pass up a good bargain like that. Well we took it to my new apartment and it became the ultimate college dresser. When it was time for Becky to go up to college, I passed it down and she was honored with the experience of finding joy in all it’s issues. It did hold a lot of clothes and that’s what matters. But, I have to take a moment and apologize to the most amazing roommate ever, Rachel B…mostly because you dealt with all my craziness, which included having clothes on top of this dresser piled to the ceiling most all of the time. Sorry Rae…you rock!!  Now that I look at it, I actually like the way it looks, the golden lion handles were growing on me, but I needed it for my little guys nursery. So I had to give it a face lift to match. Below is the after photo. I love how it turned out.
dresser6dresser1dresser10So I have jumped on the Annie Salone Chalk Paint bandwagon. Yep…it’s awesome. If you have no idea what I am talking about then you should pinterest it (my new form of googling). Now take note, this is not “chalkboard paint.” They are completely different things. For this dresser I used Pure white and French Linen Chalk paint.
dresser8I would not consider myself an expert in Chalk Paint, but here are some of the reasons I like it. You have to first realize that I am a very impatient person when it comes to starting and finishing a big project. I like to see results within at least 3-5 hours. If something takes longer than that, it just doesn’t work for me.
First off, there is no need to sand or prime furniture when using chalk paint. You literally just start painting right onto the shiny wood surface. There are instances when you might want to wash your piece or do light sanding. But once again, I am not an expert yet.
Second, it doesn’t have a very strong smell so you can do it right in your house. No need for a garage. Just start painting.
Third, it is made for easy distressing. There are tons of distressing techniques out there. I have just started working with a few to see what type I like. The hardest thing about doing a piece of furniture is deciding what type of look you actually like. I really don’t think there are right and wrong ways to do it. It’s just deciding what style you are going for.
Fourth, well there are a million other reasons, but you will just have to try it out yourself sometime. After I play with it a bit more and do a few more techniques, I will start posting tutorials.
If you want to purchase the paint, I bought it off of the internet because I live in the middle of nowhere. So here is the places I’ve bought it from The Purple Painted Lady and Perfectly Imperfect
If you would like to read more about it, you can visit Annie Sloan’s website
dresser9Below is a sneak peak of Carter’s room makeover. I’m loving how it’s turning out! The plan is to use vintage car & plane models that my husband made as a boy to decorate the room. I am trying to decide how to add a vintage twist to this somewhat modern room. Oh, and I have to figure out what material to cover the rocker with that you see in the background. Oh ya, Hi everyone! Yes, I am in my husbands Boise State pajama pants. Sometimes I just don’t feel like getting dressed. Go Boise #44 Darren Lee…just thought I’d throw that out there…love my little brother:-)
dresser7 carterAnd since I haven’t shared my new little bundle of joy here on the blog, here he his. Carter Lee Andersen. He is simply the most charming little guy I’ve ever met. He puts a smile on my face everyday. I am enjoying every minute with him. ♥Christina

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  1. Hello! I think this is so cool how you ‘made up’ the furniture! I am moving house soon, so I will definitely be keeping an eye on this blog! Happy Blogging! xxxxx

    • Thanks! Life got a little wild, but I have a goal to be done in November and will post the finished nursery then. If you go to the homepage I have a tutorial of the curtains that I made for his room which gives another sneak peak.Thanks for giving me a little motivation 🙂